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Do you remember the excitement of performing a piece you loved, felt the joy of an appreciative audience, or (most importantly!) had that musically emotional moment that you've never forgotten?  Please consider becoming a member o the Grand Forks City Band and make music a part of your life once again!  The band rehearses once a week (Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:00) and plays a wide variety of literature that is sure to stir your musical memories.  We have members that range in age from 18 to 90 and come together to enjoy each others company and make beautiful music.  If this sounds like something that interests you, please go to the contact page and get in touch...we'd love to have you be a part of the roster below!

The Grand Forks City Band

Megan Anderson+

Shelley Bares+
Ana Ebbert

Eva Ju
Renae Knudsvig

Karin Pierce

Adele Laudal

Cheryl Madsen

Karissa Wiens

Nancy Wiens

Angie Urlacher

Mara Erickson

Clark Hall



Catherine Brissette
Sharon Budge

Katlynn Ellis

Tim Frandsen

Sadie Froehlich
Carol Geiszler
Renae Hillestad

Mary Morales
Kat Puhl
Jane Traub

Lorraine Woiak

​Bass Clarinet

Carmen Sowers

Suzanne Steidl

Cassel Everson

Kelsie Wiens

Alto Sax
Laurie Charette

Peggy Jeffrey
Annette Palmgren
Barbara Spicer

Tenor Sax
Tim Bartel

Glenna Leedahl

Bari Sax
​Jayson Helseth



Margo Colenso

Brandon McAlexander

Jack Parrish

Olivia Schlotman

Paul Tandberg

Dean Whitlock


Annette Aird

Juanita Caballero
Avery Jones

Hannah Lundeby



Tommy Iken

Mandy Ly

Scott Nelson

Matthew Fowler

Dave Jeffrey

Max Larson



Dave Christianson

Bill Garster

Sandra Iverson

Austin Krause

Leisha Lunnie

Joel Ness
Herb Thomson


DeEtta Frandsen

Julie Gause

Kelsi Mansfield

Gus Tandberg

Devon Tucker
Yvonne Woodbeck

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